Cluster House

What is Cluster House

A Cluster House in Singapore is considered to be a great investment option for people that are interested in purchasing real estate. Some will refer it as Town House instead. A Cluster House is the perfect option for tenants and buyers that want to enjoy the landed style of living with the condominium’s facilities.  This is also one of the expatriates favourite choice. As a Cluster House is a landed style building, but in a condominium style development they are perfect for people that seek to purchase property on the main island of Singapore without having to go through the rigorous selection process of landed housing eligibility.

People that are interested in buying property in Singapore be it New Launch or Resale will find three different forms of housing; landed housing, Cluster House or townhouse and condominium. Its important that buyers know the difference between these forms of real estate before deciding to commit to a purchase.

Cluster House vs Condominium vs Landed Housing

Most people that are interested in buying property want a stand alone house,. These are detached buildings that are also known as single family homes or landed properties. They are typically designed for one family to live in. With these stand alone houses the owner will usually retain ownership of the land itself, this is not only an expensive asset to attain, but they require more maintenance than a Cluster House or condo.

Condo owners will have individual ownership of a housing unit and shared ownership of the facilities around the development, such as a swimming pool or gym. Condo owners will also be provided with maintenance services, making them the cheapest form of real estate in Singapore.

A Cluster House is situated somewhere between a landed house and a condo. Like a condominium a Cluster House will have shared features with other property owners within a development, the only real difference is that they will only either one or two shared walls with the other properties, and certainly nobody beneath.

Features of a Cluster House

A Cluster House will generally have a private garden that is attached to the home. They aren’t as large as gardens that come with landed houses, but they are far less expensive. Also unlike landed houses a townhouse will often have condominium features, such as a swimming pool, private parking and gymnasium. These facilities will be shared with the other residents in the development.

Benefits of Buying a Cluster House

The primary benefit of buying a townhouse or cluster house lies in the prices and availability. As landed property are generally in very high demand by both native residents and foreigners, the Cluster House is a much more likely buying option. People that want to enjoy the lifestyle associated with a single family home will have almost the same benefits, but with the hassle of upkeep. Another benefit of buying a Cluster House is that they are usually situated closer to the prime areas, making them better for transport links to the inner cities. As a Cluster House owner the buyer is expected to pay fees for the upkeep of the development in the same way that a condominium owner would have to, however the owner would also benefit from the additional facilities that are associated with the developments. Cluster House will also enjoy maximum security as compared to pure landed property in Singapore which mainly does not come with a 24 hour security service.

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