Bidadari Development

Bidadari Future Development

Singapore is one of the most crowded cities worldwide. Because of government assistance, through Housing and Development Board (HDB), having a home you can consider as your own is not anymore a problem.

Bidadari Future Development is one of the projects of the Housing and Development Board of Singapore Government duly supported by Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan. The aim of this project is to provide public housing estates with a quality residential environment to the residents of the state. HBD is continuously paying attention to innovative housing ideas to provide elegant and viable homes in the central community towns to promote societal interaction between the residents and nurture strong community relationship.

Bidadari estate is located in the central district of Singapore. It is situated around Mount Vernon Road, Sennett Estate Upper, Serangoon Road and Bartley Road.  Woodleigh and Bartley MRT stations are close to the place, thus, travel and transportation is not an issue for the residents. HDB sees Bidadari estate to be “A Community in a Garden”; hence, it will be a peaceful city oasis and recreation area where residents can spend quality time and pleasant bonding moments with family and friends.  The first flats of Bidadari future development will be launched in 2015. It has a land area of ninety-three (93) hectares and is estimated to have 11,000 residential units and the building is about 16-17 storey tall. The 9,900 units (90%) are reserved for public housing.

The housing development plan in Bidadari is primarily focused in building unique and eco-friendly housing district with gardens full of plants and trees that will surround the community. It is planned to construct a Bidadari Park with a lake that will form the new green lung for the estate. Next is promoting community activities for the residents that will create memories which shall be remembered through the years by providing lively public community spaces. This will help future residents and visitors of the estate to understand and appreciate its history. Another plan for Bidadari is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through the linked cycling and pedestrian networks for outdoor workout. And lastly, a Market Square will be constructed within the place to provide the needs of the residents.

Together with Bidadari estate, housing areas in Punggol Matilda and Tampines North are included in the HDB’s “Future Homes, Better Lives” development project. Among them, Bidadari is anticipated to be the most well-liked housing area to home buyers because of its convenient location. It is expediently located within the city fringe; thus, school institutions, restaurants, shopping malls and grocery stores will surely be adjacent to the place. These establishments will then add the convenience the residents.

As mentioned earlier, 90% of the project or 9, 900 units are intended for public housing. Therefore, there are still 1, 100 units or the remaining 10% that can be used for commercial business space. This is a big opportunity for you to start your own business. Provided with the thousands of inhabitants in the place, you have a big number of target market.